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  • “Oh My, AWESOME Is An Understatement”

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About Us

Rum Sisters- Our Story:
Some people call it our journey. To us, it’s just our story. And who doesn’t enjoy a good story, especially when this story is all about the love of cake. 

Our Rum Sisters’ story started with our friendship that baked into a delicious business based upon what else – a mutual love of cake.

A good story always brings together two driven people that share a common ambition or dream. For us, our dream of baking delicious cakes developed over years of enjoying a cocktail (or two) together and we came to the realization that we should combine two of our passions: alcohol and baking. 

And this was the “ah-ha” moment when the Rum Sisters became a reality. 

Another quality of a good story usually involves some type of bravery. Bravery helped (or maybe it was the alcohol) us set out to create the most unbelievably delicious alcohol infused treats and was the force behind our leap of faith into opening our entrepreneurial bakery Rum Sisters

Our goal is to bake cakes that make you want to fight over the last bite! (Well, maybe not literally but if a fight does break out, we cannot be held legally responsible, so how about just ordering more cakes?) 

Our commitment and dedication has enabled Rum Sisters to become an award winning gourmet bakery specializing in alcohol infused cakes. From the Keel Over to the Twisted Sista we have the perfect bite for every palate, and our customers can’t seem to get enough. We believe we can turn you into a Rum Sisters convert too.

 It’s All About The Cake

So… what about the cakes? Well, we’re not sure how to put into writing just how amazing our cakes are. They melt in your mouth, and leave you longing for just one more bite. They are both rich and light. You can’t help but feel a euphoria come over you when eating Rum Sisters’ cakes. 

How do we make them so delicious? Well, we can’t tell you all of our secrets but we can share that we work with some of the best distilleries in the world to bring you the taste of some of your favorite spirits in the form of a cake. 

Whether you’re looking for that perfect dessert for your party, or a gift for someone special, or just a little happy for yourself, Rum Sisters’ alcohol infused cakes are delicious, cake perfection! We offer three scrumptious sizes, something for every occasion.

 About Us

And then, there are the characters of our story. Although, we are not biological sisters, we might as well be. If you have the opportunity to visit our bakery, we will do our best to have you laughing with our stories and you will likely hear us finish each other’s sentences. 

This is all part of the Rum Sisters experience. We pride ourselves on being quick to welcome you and we will always have samples of our delicious cakes to try, as you make up your mind on which one you really think is the best. 

Which by the way, you won’t be able to do, as you’ll fall in love with so many of our decadent flavors you will undoubtedly leave with more than a few to take home.

 Cake Shopping: Like Shoe Shopping But Better

Take a peek into the Rum Sisters bakery though our website and find the perfect infused cake for your next occasion. We know you will be delighted with your purchase and we can’t wait to send you one of our freshly baked cakes.

Live near or vacationing near the Gulf Coast? Come visit us at our bakery in gorgeous Gulf Shores. We will have samples and coffee waiting for you!

 Baking Cakes is Social

We invite you to join the Rum Sisters Facebook community to receive the latest on what we’ve been up to, what we’re talking about and more importantly, what our customers are saying about Rum Sisters.

We also have our YouTube channel, where you can see for yourself the real reactions of real people with the “Oh My” Camera. Warning: the Rum Sisters are not responsible for the words, sounds and/or comments made by the fans in the videos. However, we do claim full responsibility for the effect the cake has over people (ha!).

You can also follow us on Instagram where we encourage you to drool over photos and videos of our delicious cakes and see what’s going on in the bakery.

 Next Chapter:

Thank you for letting us share our story. We have truly perfected our cakes over a lifetime of friendship and proudly offer you the most decadent and completely unique cake you will ever know. Become a part of our next chapter with your very own bite of Rum Sisters.

Come on, you know you want a bite - just head to the shop in person or online, and soon enough you’ll be tasting what everyone is talking about.

With Love,


The Rum Sisters




Orders can be placed online anytime.  Bakery hours are EXTENDED during summer months. June-August our hours are:

Monday-Friday 10am - 8pm

Saturday, 10am - 2pm

Rum Sisters, LLC (a women owned business)
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Orange Beach AL 36561

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